You are in the menu bar Help/FAQ in the open area of SnackTV. You find detailed help and questions about issues concerning publishers with an existing SnackTV contract in the login area.

General questions about SnackTV

What is SnackTV?

What makes the difference between SnackTV and its competitors?


Are SnackTV videos available worldwide?

The videos are available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. They are geoblocked in other countries.


What are AdViews (AVs)?

AdViews means the number of PreRolls und PostRolls that are running before and behind the video. Publishers get recompensed for AdViews.


What are VideoViews(VVs)?

VideosViews tell you how often content videos are played.


Snack TV introduction

How can I activate my account?

If you did not receive a confirmation via e-mail after your registration, check your spam folder, please. If you even can't find it there: Try to login with your username and password. You are going to be asked whether you need the confirmation e-mail again.

Still didn' t receive a confirmation e-mail? Please contact our Publisher Management via snacktv-partner@yahoo-inc.com, telling us the name of your e-mail provider.


How can I reset a forgotten password?

You cannot reset your password because of security reasons. But you can create a new one:

  1. Click "Login" in the header.
  2. Go to "Forgotten Password?" below the login field.
  3. Type in the e-mail-address you have registered with and push "Send".
  4. You will receive an e-mail with your new password.


Who is responsible for video rights management?

All offered videos are free of charge. SnackTV has achieved rights agreements with all licencors.


What to do when I found a bug?

We change functionalities, repair them and add new ones. Although not all changes can be seen by users - we continuously improve SnackTV.

However, if you find a bug, don't hesitate to contact us via snacktv-partner@yahoo-inc.com.


Monitoring VideoViews and earnings

What is a revenue share deal?

All earnings through ads are shared between all participants (marketer, publisher, licenser and SnackTV).


Where do I find VideoViews and earnings?

You can monitor the reach of your videos in your dashboard and download it as a csv-file.


How many Page Impressions will be converted into VideoViews?

Depends on the integration: Placement (big player in the content section, visible area), processing mode, number of videos and und user's retention time on the page.


How does the payoff work?

Payoff occurs after around 60 days at the end of the current campain month.


What about the period of cancellation?

Period of cancellation is 3 months, respectively at the end of the month.


Search and find the right content

Which licensers deliver content in English?

CIO, Conscious Living, Diagonal View, FCCE, Global Tele Media, Monarch Films, National Geographic, The Better Show und World Wide Entertainment deliver videos in English language to SnackTV. German providers like Moviepilot or Wirtschaft TV have some formats in English or provide some clips in English


How do I search for videos?

You can search for keywords, categories, licensers, formats and date. We also offer filters like language and minimum age.


How can I select videos?

Via SnackTV portal: wish list functionality, keywords, Video-ID, XML as well as context sensitive via SnackTV tools.


Does the SnackTV player add new videos automatically without a manually interference of the publisher?

If you don't integrate your videos via wish list functionality or choose Video-IDs manually then the filling of the player takes place automatically.


How often do I get new videos?

SnackTV provides around 500 videos on workdays and around 100 on weekends.


What is the SnackTV XML-Feed?

You can configure your videosite individually with the raw data from our XML. All relevant data, links and descriptions are provided in the XML.


How many videos are available on SnackTV?

At the moment we have about 250.000 videos in our portfolio (November 2016).


Can videos be integrated into a newsletter?

We recommend to use a video link that leads to the video on your website. As e-mail-clients (Outlook, Thunderbird...) don't support Flash there is no direct video integration possible for e-mail-newsletters.


Integration / Player

Which kind of players can I choose?

All different types of players can be adapted to the look and feel of the publisher's website. SnackTV offers players with 1 up to 5 videos as well as a playlist-player with up to 50 videos. Thanks to responsive code SnackTV players can easily be used online and mobile.

With SnackSlider, SnackBar and SnackBox we've also developed attractive variations of the SnackTV player.

The SnackTV player is suited for single videos in articles, for front-page stories, for interrupters and playlists.


Which player-sizes are available?

Videos are scalable without restrictions in the width 250 up to 1024 pixels. Height depends on width and fits automatically. You can turn various functionalities on or off. You can also adapt the colour of the player and its fonts.


Which categories does SnackTV offer?


How much do publishers have to pay for the videos?

There are no costs for the publisher. Content, player technology incl. storage and streaming are paid by SnackTV. Refunding via advertising income.


Which type of ads does SnackTV deliver?


Are SnackTV videos available on mobile devices like Android and Apple/iPhone?

SnackTV videos and their ads are available on all mobile devices.


Does SnackTV support responsive layout?

Yes, SnackTV player is responsive.


Am I allowed to download SnackTV videos?

From a legal perspective you are not allowed do download videos from SnackTV. But you can collect and mark them as favourites by wish list functionality.


Why does the video not play or get stuck?

Maybe your internet connection is not fast enough to watch streaming videos or the processor of your computer is too slow. Both reasons may decelerate the streaming. Clearing your browser cache and/or update your browser may help.

If a video in general does not play on your site, this may have one of the following reasons:

In the two first named cases the SnackTV technology prohibits that these videos are shown on SnackTV - when your are logged in or use one of our tools correctly.


Why are videos deleted? Do I have to delete videos from my site?

Reasons why a video has to be deleted:

Videos that have been deleted by SnackTV do not play any longer in the SnackTV player. If you did choose the videos manually and embed them f.ex. as a single video on an article site, you should remove the player or change the video. You are going to be informed about takedowns when the player with the affected video has been loaded on your site at least one time during the last 90 days. You are obligated to remove the video and the associated preview image. Notice: We do not send takedown notifications for videos that have their enddate already when published on SnackTV.

Videos that are embedded on your site via an automatical integration like SVDT or based on keywords, are going to be replaced automatically by another video with the fitting criteria.


What does SVDT?

What is SVDT?

SVDT means Semantic Video Delivery Technology. It's a technology developed by SnackTV that enables you to find the best fitting videos from the SnackTV database by a fully automated scan of your website text.

Videos are loaded in real-time.


Which browser do you recommend?

To install the SnackTag Generator you need a browser that is up to date. We recommend the latest Mozilla Firefox but you can also use Chrome or Safari. Using the Internet Explorer may lead to delays in processing.



All about liceneors

What are licensers?

Licensers are our partners that provide videos to SnackTV.


Who can get a licenser?

Everyone who provides professional video content. Quality control is done by SnackTV editorial team. Licensers have to sign a licenser contract.


Do publishers use the SnackTV player for their own videos?

Basically yes. We have to talk about whether the content is only for the publisher itself or for the whole SnackTV network or parts of it. In both cases we need to sign a licenser contract.


How can I upload videos to SnackTV?

Please ask your Publisher Manager to receive our documentation.